He was born in 1964 in Istanbul. In 1994, he completed his undergraduate education at Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Stage and Visual Arts, Photography Major; In 1998, he completed his master’s degree in Marmara University Fine Arts Institute, Department of Photography; In 2002, he completed his doctorate in Istanbul University Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Journalism. He worked as an chief editor, assistant chief editor and editor in various journals. He displayed his exhibitions under the titles of “Impressions”, “Details”, “Basketmakers”, “Architects” and “Stories” at various events. He won nearly 170 awards in national and international competitions. More than 200 of his articles have been published in various journals. He lectured many domestic and abroad conferences. Nearly 50 papers were accepted to national and international symposiums. He performed more than 30 domestic and abroad shows. His photographs have been exhibited in over 40 countries. He was both the cinematographer and the director of 8 documentary films. Due to their success in international competitions; He was honored with the titles of AFIAP (Artist of FIAP) in 2001 by FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art), EFIAP (Excellence of FIAP) in 2023 and QPSA by PSA (Photographic Society of America). He completed his research projects titled “Kaybolan Meslekler” in 2003, “Denemeler” in 2004, “Atatürk Fotoğraflarının Çekilmesi ve Arşivlenmesi”, in 2007, “Atatürk ve Kadın” in 2008”, “Fotoğrafla Geçen Hayatlar” in 2010 and “Anadolu’nun Yalnız Atları; Yılkılar” in 2023. He was selected as the “Millennium Photographer” by taking part in the “Photographers of the end of the Millennium” project supported by the Spanish Confederation of Photography. He became assistant professor in 2002, associate professor in 2004, and professor in 2009. He worked as a faculty member, department head, vice dean, conservatory director, institute director and dean at Marmara University, Kocaeli University and Istanbul Aydın University for 23 years. He has published 22 books in the field of photography and albums of his exhibitions “The Architects”, “The Basketmakers” and “The Stories”. He has written chapters in various books. Kanburoğlu still continues his works as a director and cinematographer in documentary films and is the dean of Istanbul Aydın University, Faculty of Fine Arts.